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Providing scientific health education, training and support online and in person. Donations Can Be Given Through the PayPal Giving Fund. 

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We publish websites, hold online and in-person lectures, seminars, webinars, summits, and social gatherings.  

Online activities currently center around web sites and social media pages. The website at contains thousands of relevant and Supportive Blogs as well as Scientific Research Summaries related to lifestyle medicine. We have thousands of members participating in our Helpful Sharing Community. There are also Discussion Boards for asking questions and receiving answers. We provide a Wealth of Resources related to Getting Started, meeting People of Interest, and locating Live-in Lifestyle Programs, as well as Online Programs and other Online Forums. There are also Helpful Support Groups based on a variety of subjects. 

Local community activities revolve around running the monthly ATX Alive potluck, arranging restaurant gatherings at restaurants willing to prepare whole-food plant-based no-oil menus, participating in health fairs, whole-food plant-based cooking demonstrations, and more.

We promote the Starch-Smart® System, a program offering levels of participating from Starch-Smartish, Starch-Smart, Starch-Smarter and Starch-Smartest. These programs are geared for individuals ranging from those seeking a gradual start, to generally wanting health improvements, to recovering lost health to the serious reversal of disease. The Starch-Smart® system has a motto "From Sun to Plant to Plate." And many of you may be familiar with the slogan "Beans, Greens, Squash and Yams" which denote categories of food to focus on. 

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