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Providing scientific health education, training and support online and in person. Donations Can Be Given Through the PayPal Giving Fund. 

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We are not a political organization but do advocate for whole-food plant-based nutrition as essential to human health.

In an effort to improve the health of America and beyond we advocate for dietary change wherever we feel we can make the most effective impact. Therapeutic Living, Inc. was proud to sponsor Dr.Carney's travels to Houston, Texas in January of 2020 to give a 3 minute presentation to the USDA Dietary Guidelines Committee regarding the changes that we recommend be made in the 2020 Dietary Guidelines. Dr. Carney was speaker number 18 and appears in the embedded video at 52 minutes and 10 seconds:

You can also watch this video on YouTube if you want to start the video exactly as Dr. Carney is beginning to speak.

Click Here to Start the Video as Dr. Carney Begins.


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